Is there anything more motivating than a class of friends pushing and encouraging each to complete challenging training program? Our classes are just that! Join us every day throughout the week (or as often as you wish) for fresh, exciting and tough workouts that will leave your body on the floor while your spirit begs for more!



For Ultimate Overall Fitness
This overall fitness class using a variety of equipment and training techniques to work every major muscle group in the body! It includes strength, cardiovascular/endurance and flexibility training for complete, total body conditioning that strengthens, tones and produces amazing results, fast!



Kids Do What They See!  
This is a total body fitness class for parents where kids can watch, play or join in. Kids of all ages are welcome to come and either participate or play in the yard or a playroom and while they are busy you are getting a great workout in. We often find kids want to plank and hammer out burpees just like their parents which makes this the perfect win-win workout


High Intensity Interval Training
A hard, fast and effective, 30-minute total body, heart pumping, aerobic and strength conditioning workout. HIIT is an interval-based class that combines full-body strength training with high intensity cardio bursts designed to tone your body, improve your endurance and burn fat for hours after the class has finished.



Adventure Racing is Addictive!
These classes prepare you for obstacle course races. Join a Tone the Zone team or train for your own event. You don’t need to be a team member to train with us. Races we have attended include Tough Mudder, Mud Mulisha, Mud, Sweat and Tears and Foam Fest. We build strength, endurance and team camaraderie. Held seasonally. Ask us for details!