What Our Clients Say...

When it comes to results, the proof lies with the people we work hard for. They're the real rockstars. They're the ones who show up, train hard and who are now living the dream!


5 Stars to Kelly and Tone the Zone!

Karen joined the Tone the Zone Family approximately 6 years ago and I joined not long after. We are hooked. A great environment with a positive air and a flexible program. Kelly has the amazing ability to work with all the members’ simultaneously during our boot camps. She provides varied types of work outs, which keeps classes interesting.

Most importantly we have made our improved fitness a lifestyle choice. In our early 60’s both Karen and I have accomplished things we would have never realized without the mentorship, encouragement and training we enjoy at Tone the Zone. Karen, who was not a runner completed her 1st marathon in 2017 and continues to compete. I who am definatly not a runner completed the 5k Sarah Beckett Memorial Run with the support of Kelly who ran along with me. With improved fitness we have enjoyed competing in a number of fun and challenging events, many as part of a Tone the Zone Team, Tough Mudder, Urbacity, Foam Fest and multiple other adventure races.

5 Stars to Kelly and Tone the Zone!

~ Keith & Karen Lawson


Addicted to the Fun!

I have been working out with Kelly for over five years and cannot see myself ever relocating. Prior to working out with Kelly I worked out at the gym, hot yoga, Pilates, spin classes you name it; nothing gave me the addiction I get with Kelly’s class.

No matter how insane the class is I will always happily return. She is constantly surprising and challenging me. The environment she provides is much more than “another boot camp.”

It’s a positive, supportive, hilarious, fun group regardless of age or size. There are no words to explain how lucky I am to have built the relationships I have at Tone the Zone and all of this I have Kelly to thank!

~ A.N.